National Hindu Students Forum (UK)

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Reflection, Review and Forward-Looking

By Prinal Nathwani
General Secretary – NHSF (UK)

Looking back on a whole year of hard work and dedication fills me with not just happiness and a sense of success, but also raises questions about how this success can be built on. It also brings to mind what the future has in store for the organisation that we all love and have dedicated such a large part of our lives to. The NHSF (UK)AGM of 2011 provided both old and new with just such an opportunity and, on a personal level, was a reminder of not just all our successes, but also how to build upon that and take it further in the future.

On Saturday 26th March 2011, chapters, members, friends, well-wishers and members of the public gathered for the Annual General Meeting of NHSF (UK) at the Ilford Hindu Centre in London. After making much headway dealing with a change of venue and preparing a day for all to enjoy, the AGM could rightly be said to have been a successful event. As AGM’s go, the usual motions remained to be completed and these were done with fervour and passion by each team. Jumping from the workings of the Finance Team, to grappling with the legal technicalities that the Legal Team have been working with, the insight for many was one that they genuinely enjoyed. Looking at the ever successful Sports Competition and analysing the workings of NHSF (UK)’s first ever Interactive Theatre Experience, ‘The Circle of Life’, I feel it is safe to say that we have had another year of excellence; one where we have set further boundaries and levels for us to meet and even higher standards for years to come.

At last year’s AGM, the former President, Kajal Valani, requested all chapters to not only continue to do well, but to push this bar of excellence, setting even higher and more demanding standards for each and every one of us. Taking a step back and looking at the work of the mainstay of NHSF (UK), our chapters, it would seem that this bar has well and truly been raised. Awards such as the ‘Krishna Award’ for the most innovative learning event and the ‘Bheema Award’ for the most developed chapter, stood testament to the sheer hard work that has gone in to getting us to where we stand at this point. Let those who claim that the Hindu youth of today are idle and sitting back allowing their Dharma to slide down, review these achievements and then aim to glean support for their claims from what they see.

In the midst of all of these successes, the shining light we are all working for, the beautiful Hindu Dharma, has continued to burn brightly. Zonal Hanuman Chalisas and Kirtans have remained as major highlights of the year and have continued to attract more and more individuals. The North Zone Hanuman Chalisa saw a move to Bradford this year, where Shri Hanumanji was well and truly present with all of his devotees. The Krishna Kirtan in the Central Zone and the Garba in the South Zone celebrating the 9-day festival of Navratri set hearts and minds alight and brought home the sheer fun and enjoyment that working for the samaj provides each and every one of us with.

Review over; now where do we go? Well, let me tell you, this year promises to be bigger, better and more Dharmic than we have ever experienced! Marking 20 years of NHSF (UK), Arise Arjuna is now about to hit chapters, individuals and the community all around us! Heralding the start of a year long ‘celebration’, Arise Arjuna encompasses the above successes and leads us to reach for more. It sees the above as a foundation and is about creating this awakening within us. An awakening of our identity, our heritage and the Dharma we work so hard and passionately for.

If this year’s AGM was a review of successes, let next year’s AGM be one of an awakening. When we meet again for such a review and reflection, we should be able to reel more successes off the tips of our tongues and the Arjuna within us should have well and truly arisen. . .


Arise Arjuna. . . . are you ready?