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Hindu Dharma

Hinduism can be described as a collection of religions originating from Ancient India. For this reason, it is widely felt by Hindus that the term 'Hinduism' is not appropriate name for what it represents. The preferred terms are 'Hindu Dharma' or 'Sanatan Dharma'; 'Sanatan' meaning eternal and 'Dharma' can be translated as truths, values or way of life. Rather than being restricted to one set of teachings given by one person, it is continuously evolving through divine seers (rishis) so that it is appropriate to the time, place and circumstance, while at the same time maintaining these eternal truths at its core. The teachings of these rishis have traditionally been transmitted aurally by religious teachers (gurus) through disciplic succession (parampara). Although these guru-disciple lineages continue to exist, these teachings have now been written down to form the various Hindu scriptures.