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Student Politics

"Politics: is the process and method of making decisions for groups. Although it is generally applied to governments, politics is also observed in all human group interactions including corporate, academic, and religious." - Wikipedia definition.
Although many people shy away or are repulsed by the term, due to its reputation, politics influences every sphere of our lives. It is not just about party politics, and not everyone should necessarily join a political party youth wing. However everyone should be aware of how they are being led and what decisions concerning them are being made. It is everyone's fundamental right to decide their future course of action, and by not being aware of politics in general we lose out on that right.

As British Hindu Students it is our duty and responsibility to be aware of what is happening around us. We have an important part to play in the future of our country and that starts with university life. NHSF strongly encourages Hindu Students to find out about the issues surrounding their university, by being in touch with their student union. If possible try to vote at elections to make your voice heard, and even better, try to stand as candidates. Not only does it provide you with valuable experience of the process, but it's great to be able to represent your views and opinions where they count.


The National Union of Students is the main representative body for student unions across the United Kingdom. Please visit their website to find out what the rest of the national student network is up to.

NUS also run a highly respected 'Black Students Campaign' which attempts to cater for all those who don't consider themselves as 'white' (which includes ethnic minorities). Please visit their website ( to find out more. They have recently released a publication relevant to all Hindu students, titled the 'NUS Black Students Handbook'. This can be viewed here

The Annual NUS Conference is to be held in March and the Black Students campaign is aiming to achieve 200 Black delegates there. Be one of these privileged ones. Contact us, Black Students, or NUS for more information.

There are also many opportunities with the government available for interested students. The voice of students is respected, and after all we are the future. Hence the government often wishes to take the views of students today and sometime the Hindu perspective is missing. Let's not lose the opportunities available; if you have views and are interested in getting them across to the government then contact us!

If you would like any advice or guidance or would like to get in touch with NHSF regarding any such matter (including if you are studying politics) please email our General Secretary, Kajal Valani, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please also contact Kajal if you are interested in driving forward the NHSF student politics initiative.